Helping Lawyers Represent Indigent Defendents

Resources to Help Those Appointed in Criminal Cases

While these resources are provided to assist Missouri Bar members who have been appointed to represent indigent defendants in criminal cases, it is important that members always consult the current black letter law, as the General Assembly has continued to revise several areas of criminal law annually.

Additional programs, forms and information specific to certain circuits will be added as it becomes available. If you are aware of information that could assist lawyers appointed in the circuits where you practice, please contact us so we may expand this collection of resources for members of The Missouri Bar.

Note: The Missouri Bar Continuing Legal Education publications and programs are intended to assist Missouri attorneys. Publications are distributed and programs presented with the understanding that The Missouri Bar, its committees, authors, reviewers, and speakers do not thereby render legal, accounting, tax, or other professional advice. The material is presented as research information to be used by attorneys, in conjunction with other research deemed necessary, in the exercise of their independent professional judgment. Original and fully current sources of authority should be researched. Any forms provided are intended for illustration and discussion purposes only. The forms should not be used in preparing instruments for a client unless the drafter is certain of the legal and tax consequences under the circumstances and context they are used in.